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Horizons, a Six New Hampshire-Based Artists Exhibition, to Open At MONA–Portsmouth in Honor of the City’s 400th Anniversary

The Museum of New Art (MONA) proudly presents Horizons, an exhibition featuring six exceptional artists with deep roots in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in honor of the city's 400th anniversary. The exhibition will run from June 27–August 27, 2023, and is the fifth exhibition at MONA.

Horizons offer a fresh perspective on the horizon, a symbolic place in art history, through the varied artistic practices of the six New Hampshire-based artists: Thomas Cowgill, Grant Drumheller, Carl Austin Hyatt, Lisa Noonis, Cheryle St. Onge, and Christopher Volpe. Each artist's work reflects their unique observation and perception of the surrounding environment.

Tom Cowgill's sculptures are bold yet muted, drawing viewers into a complex quiet. Cheryle St. Onge's large format photographs offer a methodical and contemplative engagement with her subjects, creating authentic and relaxed portraits. Grant Drumheller's paintings provide a deep understanding of art history and offer a unique perspective on a moment. Lisa Noonis's paintings are amalgams of memories of place, evoking a sense of familiarity for those who have traveled over the bridges connecting Maine to New Hampshire. Carl Hyatt's photographic works transform salt piles into something more, and Christopher Volpe's use of tar and ash creates conflicting sensations of softness and coarseness.

The horizon line, an essential way of understanding the space around us and our relationship to the world, is the exhibition's theme. As it has guided ships safely to shore for thousands of years, guide you into the fascinating world of the Horizons exhibition.

Curated by Portland, Maine-based Erin Hutton, Horizons explores the art practices of six influential New Hampshire artists and showcases seemingly different and opposing perspectives. The horizon is a fundamental aspect of our perception and understanding of space. Through the varied artistic practices of these six talented artists, the exhibition aims to create a dialogue about the role of art in our community and the ways in which it can help us better understand our relationship with the world around us.

Hutton states, "Horizons promises to be a stunning showcase of local talent and a celebration of the diversity of perspectives on the theme of Horizons. The six artists, Thomas Cowgill, Grant Drumheller, Carl Austin Hyatt, Lisa Noonis, Cheryle St. Onge, and Christopher Volpe, are deeply connected to Portsmouth, NH, through their artistic careers and achievements. This exhibition provides an opportunity to experience each artist's works with a unique perspective on the theme of horizons. From landscapes to abstraction to sculpture, the artworks on display showcase a wide range of artistic styles and techniques. The artists draw inspiration from well-traveled roads and their perception and observation of the surrounding environment. The exhibition displays their timeless accruals of observation and perception, inviting viewers to draw their own connections and interpretations." Please visit the Press Folder for more information about each artist.

About the Artists

Thomas Cowgill: Accomplished sculptor whose art captivates with its understated yet powerful expression. Thomas Cowgill's work has been exhibited at local galleries, including the Corey Daniels Gallery in Wells, Maine, and is known for its vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes.

Grant Drumheller: Professor Emeritus of Art at the University of New Hampshire, Grant Drumheller is a painter and printmaker whose work has been exhibited in galleries throughout New England and beyond. His art explores themes of light, color, and space and often depicts scenes from everyday life.

Carl Austin Hyatt: A photographer based in Portsmouth, NH, Carl Austin Hyatt is known for his timeless black-and-white images that explore the relationship between humanity and nature. His work has been featured in prestigious collections worldwide, such as The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and the Smithsonian Museum.

Lisa Noonis: A contemporary painter, Lisa Noonis captures the essence of objects and spaces in her work, inviting the viewer to participate in narratives beyond the preliminary subjects. She has exhibited her art in galleries throughout New England, including the George Marshall Store Gallery in York, Maine.

Cheryle St. Onge: Based in nearby Dover, NH, Cheryle St. Onge is a photographer and educator whose work explores themes of memory, identity, and place. She has taught at the University of New Hampshire and has exhibited her art in galleries throughout the Seacoast region, including the New Hampshire Art Association.

Christopher Volpe: Based in nearby Newmarket, NH, Christopher Volpe is a painter whose work explores themes of place and identity. His art has been exhibited in galleries throughout New England, including the Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth, NH.

About MONA

The Museum of New Art (MONA) in Portsmouth, NH, is a Seacoast art space exclusively dedicated to the contemporary visual arts. With the mission of serving the area as a center of innovative exhibitions, education, and community engagement, MONA is part of the newly restored 1905 YMCA building at the heart of historic downtown Portsmouth.

For more information, or access to images, please contact Shannon Bowser, Executive Director, at shannon@monoportsmouth.org.