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Museum is Closed until Opening Reception April 19, 2022
Brie Ruais, Destruction and Discovery, 2021

Current Exhibition

April 19 to September 25, 2022
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Broken Open

Curated by Hilary Schaffner
Bianca Beck Joy Curtis Jennie Jieun Lee Brie Ruais Aparna Sarkar
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Opening October 23, 2021

Broken Open

An exploration of the body as a resource.
The works in this exhibition are messy. The perfection of formalism is nowhere in sight. From Bianca Beck's rough hewn papier-mâché surfaces, to Joy Curtis's tattered fabrics, to Jennie Jiuen Lee's pours of glaze across her ceramic busts, to Brie Ruais's expansive stretched clay, and to Aparna Sarkar's scratched canvas, the markers of expression are ever present. The works are steeped in each artist's personal history as themes of gender, identity, and sexuality serve as guideposts from which they excavate. The body is messy as well; to inhabit one is a complex proposition made even more complex by the systems that try to define it. As the title implies, each artist has broken open their own systems of being. They are exploring the uncharted possibility of what it means to possess a physical form solely unto themselves.
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Tip of the Iceberg Judy Pfaff » MONA Portsmouth
Tip of the Iceberg Judy Pfaff » MONA Portsmouth
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