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Fabio Mesa, Dreamers of this Century, Dreamers Today #16 » MONA Portsmouth
Current Exhibition

The Dreamers of This Century

March–June 2023

Our world needs Dreamers. Crowds are erratic, confident, threatening, and yet sometimes gentle. Crowds form in military pride and in populist responses. In these crowds we may find representation of families, migrants, and perhaps protesters, all filled with hopes and struggles. This exhibition presents Mesa's focus on the crowds as dreamers who see beyond and do something to transcends themselves to leave their mark in this world.
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Fabio Mesa, Dreamers Today #16, mixed media on canvas, 39 x 32 inches, 2022
Previous Exhibitions
Markus Linnenbrink SANDEDMOON » MONA Portsmouth

smokkfiskur: a tale

October 20, 2022 to February 26, 2023

Judy Pfaff's painting in space takes a step further at MONA. Here are themes here of water rising and also receding, themes of the sea, ice, especially Icelandic—Smokkfiskur, the Icelandic word for “squid”, serves up mysteries that hint at submerged life counterbalanced by life made newly visible.
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Markus Linnenbrink SANDEDMOON » MONA Portsmouth

Broken Open

April 19 to September 25, 2022

The Broken Open exhibit explores the body as a resource for creation. Featuring Bianca Beck, Joy Curtis, Jennie Jieun Lee, Brie Ruais, and Aparna Sarkar; the works in the exhibition take root in each artist's personal history and touch on themes of gender, identity and sexuality.
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Markus Linnenbrink SANDEDMOON » MONA Portsmouth


October 20, 2021 to March 23, 2022

German-born Brooklyn-based artist Markus Linnenbrink will unveil a comprehensive overview orchestrating the interconnectedness of his different bodies of work.

Throughout the three main gallery spaces, the visitor finds paintings, sculpture, a portable installation, and a site-specific painted room where every surface—walls, ceiling, floor—is a feast of color, pattern, and gesture.

The works vary in form, yet they all are linked by his consistent experimental use of vibrant color, and a rich process that blends what the artist calls “drips, drills, and reverses” with spontaneous attention to the behavior of his materials. The overall impression of this show is one of joy, energy, and vivid life.
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